The Doctor Will See You Now

[It’s the early hours of the morning.  Peter has just poured his first cup of coffee—the expensive kind sitting in the staff lounge—and has finished exchanging the customary pleasantries with his fellow doctors.  Helena is looking especially devious this morning while Daniel simply looks tired, as if the poor man has the weight of the world on his shoulders.  He doesn’t know them quite as well as he should, but he simply doesn’t have the time.  He never seems to.  He’s always in his office talking to a patient or waiting in his office for a patient to arrive.

Currently, he’s doing the latter.  Peter has recently implemented an open-door policy, which allows his patients to come in to talk any time his door is open.  Many patients, who aren’t even his, waltz in to talk anyway, and he can’t find it in himself to turn them away.  Though he detests most, if not all, of these insufferably spoiled patients, some part of him still wants to help them.

He shuffles the papers on his desk and sets to work, all the while training his ears to listen for any incoming footsteps.]

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    [Peter does not know how much longer he can tolerate Grayson’s arrogance. The man simply filled the room with hot air...
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    I’ve tried. The man doesn’t talk. Al he does is watch me, which would be creepy if he was guarding someone else. Me, I...
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